Diabetes Treatment And Prevention

Diabetes is a chronic condition arising from the inability of the body to process sugar properly. It can either be from a deficiency in insulin that helps in absorption of the sugar or the body’s tissues becoming intolerant to sugar. This condition is primarily hereditary but can occur as a result of structural and functional damage to the pancreas.The Pancreas is an organ responsible for the production of Insulin. However, having an excellent diet does not exclude you from having the disease, rather, it helps a lot in the management; as Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of lifestyle. Irrespective of what the cause of the disease might be for you, we have the right treatment formula based on adequate medical history and comprehensive metabolic laboratory work.

High Blood Pressure

A lifelong condition characterised by an elevation in the force in which blood moves through the blood vessels.Think of it like water flowing through pipes in a building, at a low pressure, water might stop getting to the top floor, and at very high pressures, the pipes could burst, especially the smaller ones. In the human body, the smaller blood vessels especially at vital organs such as the brain are at risk of such incidents and cause damage such as a stroke amongst other complications depending on where the “pipe bursts”. This ‘bursting’ is totally avoidable and even though there isn’t a definite cause for the body becoming unable to regulate the blood pressure as most patients have Essential Hypertension, the effects of a high blood pressure can be curbed to a minimum and one can live a totally normal healthy life with proper regular check up and medications and we’ve got you covered

Liver And Kidney Disease

The Liver and Kidney are organs necessary for proper metabolism. The Liver located just below the right chest in the upper abdomen is responsible for the production of a lot of enzymes responsible for digestion of food and drug processing. Even though it can withstand a lot of damage from substances we ingest such as foods and certain drugs or from viral infections, it can get overwhelmed in the long run but early detection of impending danger from a good history and appropriate lab work that shows elevated amounts of liver enzymes can help prevent extensive damage and allows for adequate treatment. The kidneys are more responsible for excretion of substances in the blood and control of blood pressure and as such elevated levels of urea and creatinine is a sign that the kidneys are not doing their jobs effectively, clinically, it would present with swellings in the feet. Damage to either of the aforementioned organs is totally avoidable if detected early which is why we recommend regular check up.

Breast And Prostate Cancer

Breast tissue should be exclusive in women but can also be found in men. This tissue is prone to cancer most likely because of the amount of hormones that act on it and changes it has to undergo. This is why women are taught to examine their breasts regularly and have mammograms done as early detection of changes in the breast is key as most cancers detected early have good prognosis. The prostate is exclusive to men and as men get older, age 40 upwards, they should begin PSA screening and pay attention to symptoms suggestive of a urinary obstruction.Whatever the case might be depending on the levels of PSA and clinical findings on a rectal exam and good history, we can manage both the benign and malignant forms of prostate diseases.

Chronic Pain Management

Pain sucks to feel but that’s the only way our body can let us know that something is wrong and make us do something to fix it but sometimes there is damage that may not be totally fixable and might require the use of pain medications for life. This occurs in situations like Arthritis, Interstitial Cystitis etc. Using NSAIDs like Diclofenac and Ibuprofen can cause ulcers with long term use and are not advisable but with a combination of herbal pain meds and acetaminophen and other ulcer friendly pain meds, pain management can be optimised chronically which by the way is pain that has lasted up to 3 months.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is a condition where you always feel tired, rest does not help this condition. It is worsened by physical activity and can be complicated by obesity, poor diet and vitamin deficiencies. With a good lab workup to ascertain the general health status, multivitamin infusions and proper diet,we can help you manage this condition.

Bladder And Urinary Conditions

These can range from problems that cause pain like in Interstitial Cystitis, problems that cause obstruction to urine flow and infections. They could arise from a lot, like after childbirth, STDs etc. Management depends on the cause and we’ve got you covered.


Erectile Dysfunction

This is a condition arising from the inability to sustain erections during sexual intercourse. Diabetes is a major cause, other causes include liver disease, use of hard drugs etc. Management is also dependent on cause and there are various medications that can help.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

This is a non deadly but very discomforting condition characterised by an enlarged prostate, a structure that lies around the bladder and so causes obstruction to the flow of urine.
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